When gathering reference material for your tattoo on the internet and other social media outlets such as pinterest, keep in mind that most artists like me prefer not to copy tattoos directly and we like to make subtle changes to the designs.   Of course some very popular designs have been tattooed hundreds of times and can be copied  as is.   


One of the things I see a lot is when people put in a search such as #mother daughter symbol and then finding an image believing that it is some image that has been used for years or  some historical image that stands for the idea they are looking for, when in all reality most are just some random design made by an artist for that individual and just that artists interpretation of what the person wants.   If you are looking for an image that means a particular thing, the search should be made on sites more about art imagery and history of symbols then social media outlets.   Even some of the tattoo sites such as tattoodles are a better souce for such images.   However If the image you find is appealing to you anyways and you feel it  something you would like to wear for the rest of your life to symbolize  what you had in mind then by all means go for it, just be aware that it really does not have any meaning behind it other than what that person had asked for.   happy hunting and i will see you soon