So many of you know coverups are one of my specialties, as long as we follow some simple rules I have had great success and have sucessfully covered some bad tattoos that other artists wouldnt touch.

Here are my rulles that I like to follow

1.the new design has to be 1-2 inches bigger than the tattoo we are covering, but the bigger your old on  is or the more black thats in it, the bigger it has to be. Never try to make your design the same size as the old one

2.The new design has to be busy with a lot of texture to it, things that are organic in nature like flowers or wildlife work fantastic.  Stay away from designs that have big areas of solid or smooth gradient colors, like a heart design.   Think of it as a camoflage instead ov a coverup

3.use of darker colors is needed but not just black,I WILL NOT USE SOLID BLACK TO COVER A TATTOO. use of solid black will allow the old tattoo to be recognizable as a texture in your skin.  this is prevalent when trying t cover unwanted names, and lots of artist use solid black, thinking of covering just the color and not the texture

The other option to help create more possibilaties is laser treatment.  FYT has teamed up with Nick at Renewal Laser Clinic in minneapoils.  Some of you are thinking, not a chance because of the cost and or scarring.  Laser removal has come down in price substantially over the years. but be careful, there are still plastic surgeons that are charging ridiculous amounts to attempt to remove or lighten up your bad decisions.  Another thing to be aware of is places that will turn the power down on the laser, which is not as effective at actually removing the bad stuff, but you wont have to worry about that at Renewal laser, Nick truely wants to help with the process of beautifying our bodies.  Another myth is that it will leave scarring.  Years ago it did, but with the new technology the laser works in conjuction with our body to help wisp away that piece of crap you got at someones kitchen table for a 12 pack a beer.  The only downfal to laser treatments is the time it takes between sessions or to be able to tattoo over it which is usually about 6 weeks

So now think of what we can do to fix that mistake you made when your friend said, dont worry, the artist does his best work when hes stoned.  Between my talents at coverups and the help of Renewal Laser we can change your wardrobe and your life.  check out my gallery of coverups which i will be adding to regurly and and see the possabiities.